Success without the Stress: How to Handle the Pressures and Challenges of Working for Yourself

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SUCCESS without the STRESS explores the pressures and challenges you might face in running a small business and provides practical advice on how to run the business without becoming stressed. More specifically, it will help you to: identify the pressures and challenges faced by small business owners and how much control / influence you have over them; build your confidence and self-esteem; develop an authentic and powerful personal brand; avoid feelings of isolation by connecting with others; develop business skills; make wise and ethical decisions; develop a less stressful approach to handling problems; work more efficiently and effectively; avoid negative thinking habits; build emotional resilience; and maintain optimum health and wellbeing. Maureen O’Callaghan’s approach is underpinned by tried and tested management theory and practice, up-to-date research and, most importantly, the insights and learning gained from running her own businesses and from supporting clients. The book also provides tried and tested activities designed to help you to apply what you have learned.